New BSRM position statement – 19 October 2020

19 October 2020 – We are now facing a second wave of COVID 19 pandemic, affecting all age groups including more specifically the young population at reproductive age. Almost 7000 positive tests per day have been diagnosed during the last week. Although the majority remains asymptomatic, this second wave is accompanied by a dramatic increase in hospitalisation (>200patients/days). The Rt is now 1,516, meaning that the pandemic is still progressing. With a 14-day cumulative number of positive COVID-19 par 100000 reaching 637 (, Belgium is considered in a critical situation based on the recent ESHRE guidance (14/10/2020).

A new BSRM statement was therefore mandatory to take position regarding the local impact and to provide updated recommendations:
BSRM – Clinicians and embryologists recommendations during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic (Version 05- 20201019)

Stay informed about COVID-19 and ART
COVID-19 and ART Dossier

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