Dear colleague,

A letter was sent by the FAGG – AFMPS to the different tissue and cell banks on 11 June with the request to complete a survey about their activities during the COVID-19 Pandemic. FAGG – AFMPS requested to have the completed survey submitted within 10 working days.

However, the workload has greatly increased due to the corona crisis for some banks. For other banks, the crisis led to a temporary cessation of activities. These institutions are now doing everything in their power to get the activities restarted, taking into account the continuously changing measures. Due to the postponement of procedures and interventions, this also leads to an increased workload. In addition, the period of leave also begins, which further increases the workload.

At the initiative of the BVWB-ABBT, the various professional associations representing most of the tissue and cell banks in Belgium (BSRM, GGOLFB ART Committee, BHS-JACIE Subcommittee, BVWB-ABBT), have asked for an extension of the deadline till 31/08/2020 to submit the survey at the FAGG – AFMPS.

In order to reduce the administrative burden, we even asked whether it is not possible to send the figures together with the annual report of the tissue and cell banks (30/04/2021).

Kind regards,
Isabelle Demeestere
BSRM President


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